White Sugar, Brown Sugar

The Inland Waterway separates beach-side communities from the mainland on Florida’s east coast. In the 60′s, it also segregated races and cultures. First published in 2012 under the pen-name E.G.Tripp, White Sugar, Brown Sugar and later republished under the author’s name, Michael A. Pyle, the story follows two innocent, naive boys as they struggle through racial and cultural diversity.

David “Jude” Armstrong has grown up in a safe, upper middle-class white world on the beach side with his parents and sister. The tranquility ends when his alcoholic mother tosses his father out of the house. Roosevelt Harris lives in a Black community on the mainland with his grandparents, his frequently- disappearing, heroin-addicted mother, and other family members. Although both have witnessed the misery of drug abuse, they both follow the same path. Jude’s father becomes a guiding light for both boys.

White Sugar, Brown Sugar follows their loss of innocence, submergence to the depths of desperation and eventual emergence as recovering adults. It is a story of deep friendship, hope, strength, and inspiration.

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