PequeTravel es una nueva colección ilustrada de libros en español para el público infantil hispanohablante de los Estados Unidos, sobre los viajes y las aventuras de dos personajes por la geografía y cultura de Estados Unidos, México, El Salvador y Cuba. Su objetivo es que los más pequeños, hijos de inmigrantes latinos en su mayoría, se sientan atraídos por el mundo de la lectura a través del descubrimiento y conocimiento de sus raíces y del país de acogida. Viaja con la compañía de Lili, una niña que ha perdido la visión, y Charlie, su talentoso perro guía. The colección ‘PequeTravel’ and its series, ‘Charlie y Lili – De paseo por ….’ was created by Leonor Sierra Salas.

PequeTravel is a new illustrated collection of books written in Spanish for Spanish-speaking children in the United States, about the trips and adventures of two characters experiencing the geography and culture of the United States, Mexico, El Salvador and Cuba. Its objective is to attract the smallest, mostly Latino children of immigrants, to the world of reading through the discovery and knowledge of their roots and host country. The reader travels in the company of Lili, a girl who has lost her sight, and Charlie, her talented guide dog. The imprint ‘PequeTravel’ and its series, ‘Charlie y Lili – De paseo por ….’ was created by Leonor Sierra Salas.

Now in its third volume, the Anthology series Young Mother’s Voices aims to share the experiences of young women, as they express themselves and become published authors at the same time.

They are students of The Chiles Academy, a charter high school for teenage mothers, which also offers childcare and trains them in parenting skills. The young women try out many and varied themes, and often write about the mistakes they have made, countered by the wonderful gifts they have received in the form of their children.