2019 // Cuban Roots // A historical novel about a Cuban American man reliving his life in Cuba, reviewing the things that occurred, and seeing things as those in the U.S. and Cuba see them. Michael Pyle’s new historical novel, ‘Cuban Roots’, is finally published, after over 25 years of work.

Cuban Roots is based mostly in Cuba and also in Florida, including Daytona Beach. Luis Morales is an eighty-four year old lawyer, born in Cuba, living in Miami. He regularly travels to Cuba to deliver funds inherited by Cubans. He gives an interview to a reporter regarding his interpretation of the feeling of the people living on the island about Fidel Castro’s death, and some strongly criticize his words. After being hounded and attacked, he suffers a medical crisis, and while seemingly unconscious, relives the good and bad experiences of his youth in the country of his birth, the country that he loves, Cuba.

2018 // Charlie and Lili de paseo por los Estados Unidos // This PequeTravel series centers on a Spanish-speaking girl from Cuba, who is blind and travels the world with her service dog. The first book takes the characters through the United States, to be followed by other accounts that will take them through Cuba, Latin American countries, European countries … and points unknown!

The first book of the series, Charlie and Lili – Travel around the United States has now been published and is available for purchase on this site.

2016 – 2018 Annual Anthologies: Young Mothers’ Voices // This anthology series gives teenage mothers a way to express themselves and become published authors at the same time. They are students of The Chiles Academy, a charter high school for teenage mothers, which also offers childcare and trains them in parenting skills. The young women try out many and varied themes, and often write about the mistakes they have made, countered by the wonderful gifts they have received in the form of their children.

2016 // Metamorphosis: From Cotton Picker to Community Leader // This poignant account of a black male growing up in the Jim Crow South is an engaging chronicle about overcoming barriers of class and race through hard work and seizing opportunities to achieve the American Dream. The memoir fully explores and details the African American experience, U. S. race relations, and attaining success against all odds.

2012 // White Sugar, Brown Sugar // The novel is set in Daytona Beach, Florida, where an upper middle-class white boy and a black boy of lesser means become good friends, despite the many segregations that shaped the south of the 1960’s. The book follows the lives of two innocent, naive boys as they struggle through racial and cultural diversity. Their story is one of deep friendship, hope, strength and inspiration, as it follows their loss of innocence, submergence to the depths of desperation and eventual emergence as recovering adults.