Cuban Roots

Michael Pyle’s new historical novel, ‘Cuban Roots’, is finally published, after over 25 years of work.

Cuban Roots is a historical novel, based mostly in Cuba and also in Florida, including Daytona Beach. Luis Morales is an eighty-four year old lawyer, born in Cuba, living in Miami. He regularly travels to Cuba to deliver funds inherited by Cubans. He gives an interview to a reporter regarding his interpretation of the feeling of the people living on the island about Fidel Castro’s death, and some strongly criticize his words. After being hounded and attacked, he suffers a medical crisis, and while seemingly unconscious, relives the good and bad experiences of his youth in the country of his birth, the country that he loves, Cuba.

Pyle has traveled all over Cuba numerous times, interviewing people, visiting museum and performing research. Senior officers of the Institute of Cuban History in Havana, Cuba have read the manuscript and found the historical references credible. The Institute has invited him twice to present the book to its annual international symposium.

The Spanish version is expected in September, 2019.

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