AMG company founder Michael A. Pyle has been writing fiction for many years, beginning when he was a teenager. He initially wrote under the pen name, E. G. Tripp, but later decided to use his own name after a limited printing of his first work, White Sugar, Brown Sugar. At the time, Pyle had first-hand knowledge of most of the negative experiences described in the book, and had found that his own drinking had replaced drugs, and he needed a way out. 

He has been working on his second historical novel, Cuban Roots, for over 25 years, and has traveled to Cuba more than 45 times since 2010. It is in the final stages of editing now, as well as being translated into Spanish. He also has been working with the Institute of Cuban History in Havana, Cuba, has presented at its annual event, and will allow an additional printing by a press in Cuba for distribution there.

Born on a plantation in Georgia, James F. Daniels life story is a compelling illustration of determination and success. His family survived as indentured servants, then managed to load family, animals and belongings onto a vehicle and drive to Ormond Beach, Florida. Mr. Daniels presents all this and much more with humor, dignity and stoicism. On the release of his book Metamorphosis: From Cotton Picker to Community Leader Mr. Daniels was interviewed for a feature article by the Daytona Times.

Grethel Sierra is the pen name for this new author, who launched her children’s literature series, PequeTravel in 2018. Born in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Arts from the Universidad de Oriente, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba, (2013), a Master’s degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language (2017) from the same university and a Master’s degree in Publishing (2018) from the Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona, ​​Spain). The debut Charlie y Lili book marks the start of the PequeTravel series, and is her first incursion into children’s books.

Illustrator Brandy Winston (Northwest, Ohio, USA) has five years of experience in the field of design / illustration, and three years of experience in the publishing industry. She holds a diploma in Fine Arts from the Toledo School for the Arts (2009) and a Bachelor of Fine Arts (2013). She has illustrated three publications: ‘The Royal Dragon and the New Kid’, ‘Christmas in the Kingdom of Kool’ and ‘Living with Color: Dax’s Day Out’, along with the her most recent work, featured in Charlie y Lili.

The authors of Young Mothers Voices disprove stereotypes about teenage mothers every day, by refusing to be defined by them. The anthology offers teenage mothers a way to express themselves and become published authors at the same time. The girls are students of The Chiles Academy, a charter high school for teenage mothers, which also offers childcare and training in parenting skills.